Stress Less This Year

stress less this year

The festive season is over and many of us now face the challenging prospect of returning to the stress of daily work life. New research by The Australia Institute shows that stress is becoming an ‘epidemic’ national health issue. Stress damages many of your body’s systems, including immune and inflammatory response. Is your health being…

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Tackling the Cholesterol Myth

tackling the cholesterol myth

Eggs are often maligned due to cholesterol levels, but is cholesterol really the issue we’ve been made to believe it is? In this article, we will take a look at one of modern medicine’s most sacred cows. We will dismantle the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease. Part of what we’re going to cover is…

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Why Can I Have Cheese, Yoghurt & Butter But Not Milk?

why can i have cheese yoghurt butter but not milk

Cow’s milk has a long history as part of the standard western diet, and other than meat is often the major dietary source of protein. Milk, for many, is also the major dietary source of calcium, which presents many problems of it’s own, resulting from the low availability of the calcium in milk. While the…

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Natural Alternatives for High Blood Pressure

natural alternatives for high blood pressure

Do you have friends or relatives with high blood pressure or taking blood pressure medication? Statistics show that approximately 32% of men and 27% of women have high blood pressure or on medication. This is an exceptionally high number of Australian’s affected by something that is predominantly a lifestyle condition. If you are healthy your…

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Easy Tips for Turning Off the Stress Switch

easy tips for turning off the stress switch

Did you know that stress is one of the common, biggest, risk factors behind many of today’s chronic diseases? Constant, high levels of stress, and a badly functioning stress response, have been implicated with: Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Cancer. Cardiovascular disease and heart disease. To live a long,…

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Easy Steps to Healthy Eating

easy steps to healthy eating

You’ve probably heard the saying “you are what you eat?” While this is true, a better way of saying it is “you are what you consistently eat”. It is the things we do, or don’t do, consistently rather than those things we do every now and then, or for a short time, that makes the…

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Five Foods You Should Not Put in Your Mouth

five foods you should not put in your mouth

Did you know that every day you may be consuming foods that are doing incredible harm to your body? These aren’t poisonous foods, or even illegal foods, they are worse than that! They are foods that have become such major ingredients that most processed, supermarket or pre-packed food contains many of these deadly ingredients. In…

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Top Five Phytonutrients for Your Health

top five phytonutrients for your health

You’ve probably heard the saying “variety is the spice of life”? Often when starting a new diet, or lifestyle, it can be all too easy to think about the foods you’re not going to eat and forget about how many different foods you can eat. This leads to the same foods becoming weekly staples and…

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3 Herbs to Enhance Your Mood Naturally

3 herbs to enhance your mood naturally

Do you know a misery merchant? The sort of person that no matter what happens, is always feeling down, unhappy or blue? While it is natural to have days when you’re feeling a little out of sorts, regular problems with mood can really make life, well miserable… pardon the pun! Mood disorders are a common…

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