Is Pyrrole Disorder Affecting Your Child?

is pyrrole disorder affecting your child

Often, if a child has learning difficulties and behavioural issues they will very quickly wind up with a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, or another spectrum related disorder. Often, the diagnosis may be correct; however, sometimes the real problem may be Pyrrole Disorder which shares many signs and symptoms. The statistics say that at least 10%…

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Why I Recommend Gluten Free for Weight Loss

why i recommend gluten free for weight loss

If you’ve been to the clinic and seen me for weight loss, you’ll know that I am a big believer of going gluten free for best results. Often, people ask me why getting rid of gluten is so important for losing weight? It’s an understandable question, since other sites and articles, or even your GP,…

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Five Signs You Have a Gluten Problem

five signs you have a gluten problem

For far too long it has been assumed that only people with Celiac’s need to avoid gluten. The connection of gluten and Celiac’s disease put gluten squarely in the realm of the gastroenterologist and gut – to propose that gluten could cause other non-gut related problems has been considered taboo until recently. But is it…

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Three Fermented Foods Everyone Should Know About

three fermented foods everyone should know about

When we say fermentation many people immediately think of beer, wine, or spirits. But, have you heard of fermented foods? You’re probably familiar with cheese, yoghurt, and even cultured butter. These are great examples of fermented foods, that most people would use on a daily basis – in this case, they are all dairy products,…

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Prevent Osteoporosis With Diet & Lifestyle Not Calcium Tablets

prevent osteoporosis with diet lifestyle not calcium tablets

Recently we looked at the danger of taking calcium supplements, particularly without advice and monitoring by a Naturopath or other health care professional. One of the most common reasons given for calcium supplementation is the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis. While low dietary calcium intake is definitely a contributor to osteoporosis, an increase in calcium…

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The Danger of Calcium Supplements

the danger of calcium supplements

During our life style reviews we ask our clients for a list of pharmaceutical drugs and supplements they are taking. Invariably calcium supplementation is one that appears on most people’s lists. This is often present in multi vitamin and multi mineral formulas, pharmaceutical calcium supplements for osteoporosis, or is present in antacids. Calcium has become…

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