Three Reasons You Need a Healthy Living Action Plan

Do you have a healthy living action plan?

We often take our health for granted. We make plans for next week, next month, next year, always assuming that we are going to be healthy to enjoy the plans that we’ve made. We are more likely to have an action plan to ensure that we have sufficient finances for our goals, than to ensure that we are sufficiently healthy.

So if you don’t have a healthy living action plan, let me share with you three reasons why I believe you should start making one today!

Reason 1: We Are “Time Poor”

Do you exercise? Do you consciously spend time each day growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

We all live in the fast moving 21st Century. We are all time poor. Unless you deliberately and intentionally plan for things, they get crowded out by the urgency of day to day living.

When was the last time you heard someone, or even yourself say, “I’d love to get to the gym today but I’m just to busy”?. Or, “I’d love to go to that personal development seminar on time management, but I just don’t have the time”?.

My favourite that I hear in the clinic is “I’d love to eat better but I don’t have the time to cook real food”.

Because we are time poor we need a healthy living action plan. A healthy living action plan will ensure that we make time in our schedule for those things that are important for health and wellbeing (cooking, exercise, daily reflection).

Reason 2: We Love Distractions

Maybe, just maybe, you are one of the rare, focussed, committed people that never get’s distracted. But, for the rest of us a healthy living action plan helps us avoid distractions and stay focussed on the things that really make a difference.

What do I mean by distractions? Let me demonstrate with a few examples that I’ve seen in the clinic.

Do you avoid drinking water while you’re out because you’re not sure of the pH of the water and you’ve left your alkaline water at home? … that’s a distraction!

Do you constantly chop and change from one diet to another because you’ve heard it’s the latest and greatest? …. distraction.

Do you get hung up on whether grass fed, pastured beef is better than non grass fed beef while your fridge is full of frozen hamburgers? … you got it! distraction.

A healthy living action plan helps to avoid the distractions by keeping you focussed on the important points. Sure, alkaline water is better than acidic water, and there’s no arguments from me that grass fed, pastured beef is superior to non-grass fed.

BUT the most important thing is to be eating a clean diet full of whole, fresh and unprocessed foods and staying well hydrated every day.

Reason 3: A “Plan” Is a Decision Made in Advance

In-decision will ruin even the strongest willed. Committing to a healthy lifestyle action plan means you’ve already made the decision to live a healthier life. You’ve made it in advance when there’s no pressure, so when there is pressure in-decision doesn’t lead to the wrong decision.

If you’re out with the girls for lunch do you have cake or salad and fish? When everyone’s looking at you and it’s your turn to place your order, in-decision will often result in the wrong decision!

A healthy living action plan means you’ve already made the decision. It may be that this is your nominated cheat meal, in which case the cake is definitely the answer! But either way the decision is made with intent.

So How About You?

Do you have a healthy living action plan? If not why not call us today and make an appointment with our Naturopath to create one.

A healthy living action plan will ensure you have a strategy to address the eight fundamental principles of healthy living. It will help you focus on the larger healthy living picture and not get distracted on minor details.