Off ALL medication AND feeling Great!

I have been a diabetic insulin dependent for over 13 years. Injecting myself 3 times a day also taking 2 tablets twice daily. Having regular hypos and feeling sick most days. In Nov 2013 I was given more drugs because of my kidneys. I was on tablets for high cholesterol & blood pressure and actos tablets to lower my blood sugar levels.

I’m a fairly active person and would go to bootcamp & pt session 4 times a week. But, within 2 weeks of taking all medication I put on 10 kilos increasing every week. After going back & forth with my GP I was told it was in my best interest & told I had to lose weight.

My niece who was already seeing Marianne gave me her number. I saw amazing results in her as she was always sick. My husband & I are on week 10 and I haven’t felt this great in a very long time.

I’m currently off all my medication & losing weight. My specialist doctor at hospital was amazed at my results & told me to continue what I was doing. This is all by doing it naturally.

Having someone who is willing to listen & take the time to investigate is an amazing feeling. My friends asks when does ‘your diet’ finish. But, I would respond this is a ‘lifetime change for better living’.