Marianne, you have given me back my life

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Marianne. Marianne, you have changed my life, you have in fact given me back my life. 14 months ago I was ready to give up on my health. For a 38-year-old, mum of 3 beautiful girls, I was a mess, feeling like a very old 80-year-old who was constantly being run over by a train. With the diagnosis of lupus, RA, sinus, back pain, and skin issues, I just wanted to curl up and give up. I was hugely disappointed in myself that I couldn’t do simple things, like use my hands to do my girls’ hair or even butter a piece of bread. The list of medication that the doctors and specialists were giving me just wasn’t working.

At breaking point, I found Marianne’s website on the internet and it seemed to be the perfect fit for me and my needs. I phoned and made an appointment. From that very first appointment my life changed. Initially it was a shock to change my whole diet and thinking, but the benefits soon showed and now I have a new lifestyle full of energy and symptom free. I now have a positive future. My family thank you also. Not only do they have me back, but they are also benefiting from what I am learning. And I am still learning, every day I am learning, but I am excited to go on this learning journey with Marianne as the results speak for themselves. I know that my auto immune can’t be cured, but Marianne has shown me that it can be managed to give me a happy, healthy, energetic and positive life.