I have my life back AND lost 20kg

After 18 years of being constantly exhausted and unexpected weight gain, after contracting Glandular Fever and Barmah Forest Virus, I finally took the plunge and decided I had to see a Naturopath. Over the years, after countless blood tests, doctors were at a loss and an endocrinologist informed me there was nothing wrong with me…if I had any more problems to go back to my doctor.

The nothing wrong with me turned out to be Adrenal fatigue, under active thyroid, vit d and iron deficiency, unhealthy liver, fluid retention caused by dehydration and the list goes on. 3 months into my treatment I was feeling exhausted again and blood tests confirmed I had also had Ross River in the past. After a couple of weeks, the tiredness subsided. In December I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, which doctors had informed me nothing could be done about it. After following Marianne’s advice, in 3 months my antibody levels have dropped enormously.

I have my life back thanks to Marianne, as well as an added bonus ….. in 9 months I have lost nearly 20 kg.