How Is Your Diet & Lifestyle Affecting Your Hormonal Health?

how is your diet lifestyle affecting your hormonal health

In a previous article, we spoke about the role of progesterone supplementation in maintaining your health; particularly as ageing changes natural hormone production. There are also many dietary factors that may be railroading your attempts to hormonal balance. While most people know that: excessive alcohol consumption; a high intake of sugar and processed foods; and…

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Hormone Balancing for Men

It’s a touchy area, and one that can often be a little sensitive. There are those things that sometimes we just don’t want to talk about. For many of the guys that visit our clinic, hormones represent that area. While most guys are loathe to admit it, they are just as much at the mercy…

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Falling Pregnant Is Not Always Easy

falling pregnant is not always easy

The saying “falling pregnant” often makes us feel that becoming pregnant is something easy and simple. My husband is somewhat accident prone, and for him falling comes naturally, he seems to be one of those all too common people that can trip even on flat ground! For just over one in four of us though(McChesney),…

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