Build Stress Resilience and Prevent Burnout Workshop



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Stress is an unavoidable fact of life, yet how do we manage our daily stressors without becoming overwhelmed and burnt-out?

Do you experience or feel:
➢ Low mood
➢ Lack of motivation
➢ Mood swings
➢ Low energy
➢ Easily irritated
➢ Worry excessively
➢ Stressed
➢ Overwhelmed
➢ Hard to get to sleep
➢ Brain fog
➢ Poor memory
➢ Reduced concentration
➢ Adrenal exhaustion

If you experience any of the above or know someone who does then this workshop is FOR YOU!

At this workshop Marianne Fernance, our Naturopath will be talking about some of the factors that lead to poor stress resilience, ways to restore balance in the body and prevent and reverse burnout!

You will learn about:
• Brain structure and function
• Impact of stress on the brain
• Factors that contribute to poor stress resilience
• How to improve stress resilience and prevent burnout
As apart of our workshop, you will also take home some gems of wisdom on how to strengthen your nervous system, lessen neuronal inflammation, protect neuronal cell structures and to be able to handle appropriately levels of stimulation with a sense of resilience, growth, satisfaction and ability to cope!
We look forward to seeing you at this INFORMATIVE, INTERACTIVE & FUN workshop!
Please note tickets need to be purchased and seats are limited to 30.

Tuesday, 3rd September 6.00pm