We’ll Help You in Getting Pregnant Sooner With Our Natural Fertility Treatment

Have you been trying everything you can to help you in getting pregnant but nothing seems to work?

Are you getting tired of the conflicting information, supposed guaranteed pregnancy diets, and mysterious herbal concoctions?

You are not alone. Infertility in Australian is a big problem with our current birth rates dipping below the rates needed to maintain current population levels. Current research has shown that:

  • One in six couples are infertile with the problems evenly attributable to both sides of the relationship.
  • One in three women over 35 has fertility problems and one in 25 males has low sperm count and one in 35 males is sterile.
  • Even for young healthy couples in their 20s the chance of unassisted pregnancy is only 25% each month

The truth is that based on current trends getting pregnant without assistance from a fertility specialist is already difficult and the problem is getting worse.

Every day your chances of getting pregnant are being further reduced by countless problems including:

  • Endocrine disrupting toxins damaging your hormonal balance contributing to poly cystic ovarian syndrome, frequent miscarriage, non-ovulatory cycles, and sperm cell mutation.
  • Nutritional deficiencies preventing ovulation, destroying sperm quality, and preventing healthy foetus production.
  • Stress not only reducing both egg quality and release quantity but also even just preventing that special moment from occurring.
It is possible to stack the odds and dramatically increase your odds of getting pregnant!

Although chances of getting pregnant may be low and look to be getting worse this can be reversed. You can have the pregnancy you have been trying for.

Barring structural abnormalities like blocked fallopian tubes, the underlying causes of infertility are largely lifestyle related and can be corrected.

natural fertility treatment - getting pregnant sooner

I have developed a holistic natural fertility treatment program that tackles the three underlying causes of infertility and boosts your chances of getting pregnant.

I have been successfully using this natural fertility treatment program in our clinic on a day to day basis and I have seen results within as little as three months.

My program is comprehensive. More than just a boiler plate pregnancy diet, I will take the time to truly understand what is preventing you getting pregnant. I will undertake:

  1. a comprehensive lifestyle review investigating your family history, stress markers, and dietary intake
  2. a cellular health analysis to identify toxicity and signs of inflammation,
  3. a spectrophotometry review of your heavy metal burden, antioxidant status, and mineral deficiencies.
  4. blood analysis to help identify liver stress and nutritional deficiency.

This will enable me to provide you a step by step, tailored dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle plan.

Our initial Fertility Planning Consultation is normally $443 including all testing. Mention this offer and I’ll provide your initial no-obligation consultation for only $365. This includes:

  • two 45-60 minute consultations.
  • all testing and diagnostics
  • Your detailed and personalised plan

For a fraction of the out of pocket costs of an initial IVF cycle I will:

  • review your diet and lifestyle
  • asses your overall health, toxicity, and inflammation levels
  • develop a program to treat areas that are preventing you getting pregnant.

Call our clinic today on (07) 3800 1993 to start your natural fertility treatment.

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