How to Holiday, Enjoy It, and Not Blow Your Diet?

Have you been working hard all year to lose body fat or get into shape? There are few things as frustrating as returning from a relaxing holiday and finding you’ve acquired a few extra kilos along the way. Suddenly, those new jeans you bought during the post-Christmas sales don’t fit any more and stress levels start to rise as you wonder exactly what you are going to wear to work!

If your Christmas holiday plans involve travel, don’t despair, you can enjoy your holiday and still keep the extra weight off with a little pre-planning. This month we look at some important tips for anyone travelling on the holidays.

Avoid Dehydration

Mild dehydration is common with any sort of travel and, made worse in air travel. Dehydration is often misinterpreted as hunger and by drinking water, you can give your body what it needs without adding extra calories.

Stick to plain water and avoid soft drinks, or fruit juices that are high in calories. Vitamin waters, and sports drinks, are another big trap, while claiming to help improve hydration levels, these contain sugar and extra calories.

Pre-purchase Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are a life saver on a road trip and help you to avoid the lolly section in the petrol station. Make sure you pre-purchase and take your own, rather than relying on picking these up on the road. Trail mixes, and, fruit and nut mixes, found in petrol stations and convenience stores are often loaded with extra sugars, high amounts of sodium, and bad fats.

Save your wallet and your health by visiting a health food shop and stocking up before you travel! Try to choose almonds, walnuts, pecans, and brazil nuts, over more traditional peanuts and cashews. For an even better health boost why not eat them raw not baked or fried?

Choose Where to Eat Before You Get Hungry

It’s a common problem, when travelling. You pulling into your destination or stop for the night, the kids are cranky and your own belly is starting to make itself known, in desperation you eat at the first restaurant you see!

As important as planning your route and where to refuel your car, is planning where you will stop to refuel your body. Do some research on the internet ahead of your trip to find healthier places to eat at each of your stops. Sites like TripAdvisor and Google Places are good sources of information about food outlets in new areas.

When ordering make sure you ask about food preparation methods. Healthy cooking choices like grilled, or baked, are far better alternatives to fried. Beware of sauces that are often loaded with extra calories and where possible have them served on the site.

Plan Ahead to Lose Weight in the New Year

If you know you are going to over indulge on your holiday, have a plan in place to lose weight in the New Year. Our clinic is running our 6 Week Shake It Weight Management Program starting Tuesday 8th January and Tuesday 24th January. Call our clinic on (07) 3800 1993 for more information.