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Will You Survive the Post Antibiotic World?

will you survive the post antibiotic world

If you’ve been following the news lately you’ve probably read some of the alarming headlines about the impending demise of antibiotics.  In a post antibiotic world the media warns, previously simple accidents, like falling off a bike and scraping a knee, have the potential to become life threatening due to the risk of infection that…

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Healthy Gut – Healthy You

If you’ve been to see me in clinic for a consultation then you’ve heard me say that when your gut isn’t functioning well nothing functions well. Your gut health will affect: your immune system function: a healthy gut helps you fight and recover from illness and infection, your moods and concentration: a healthy gut makes…

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What Your Hair Says About Your Nutrient Status

nutrients for health hair

I’ve had a lot of women mention during their consults that they are unhappy with their hair. The most common complaints are that: their hair is frizzy their hair is dry or that their hair is thinning. This is often followed by the question what can I take to make my hair grow thicker, longer,…

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SLEEP – Are You Getting Enough?

I have found that there are very few things in life that beat a lazy morning sleep-in with no alarm clock! Living a modern, hectic lifestyle, I find that sleep can be a wonderful restorative, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. The more we learn about sleep, the brain, and overall health, the…

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Asthma in Children – The Three R’s of Treatment

asthma in children the three r s of treatment

Asthma, is one of the 4As of early childhood health– Allergies, Asthma, Autism & ADHD. Combined, these represent a cluster of health conditions that are exploding in our children. Asthma particularly is the most common childhood condition in Australia, and the most common cause of childhood visits to the hospital and even missed school days.…

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Causes of Pain & Inflammation

causes of inflammation

In the last two months I have been seeing many patients with poorly managed pain. Typically they have either come to see me after finding that standard approaches to pain management have stopped working, or never worked to start with. The actual conditions are often varied. It may be:

muscular aches.
digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.
worsened period pain.
and headaches.
Regardless of how the pain is manifesting, I always find it’s important to understand the “real” reason for pain. Short of acute injury, pain is a warning signal, and usually a sign of out of control inflammatory processes going on. In this article I hope to clarify facts about causes and contributors of inflammation and inflammation driven conditions.

“Chronic pain and inflammation ruins lives, but it doesn’t have to be this way – our bodies are designed to repair, recover and WIN “

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Do You Really Want That Tablet?

do you really want that tablet

Each year in Australia about 19 million prescriptions are written for antibiotics. This is enough for eight of every ten Australian’s to have taken antibiotics during the year. It unfortunately is high enough to also give Australia one of the highest rates of antibiotic usage in the world. There is definitely a time and place…

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