What You Need to Know About Bugs & Probiotics!

what you need to know about bugs probiotics

Would you be surprised if I told you that nearly 90% of your body’s cells have been classified as nonhuman cells?[1]TurLeyHam0710 One could almost say that, in a sense we are really a life support system for bugs. Not only are the nonhuman cells in your body numerically significant, they are also physically and mentally…

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Four Sneaky Ways Gluten Is Getting Into Your Diet

four sneaky ways gluten is getting into your diet

We regularly treat clients with digestive problems including: IBS, IBD, & ulcerative colitis. A major part of treatment is following a strict gluten free diet, to repair damage to the gut and restore intestinal integrity. Even when doing your best to avoid gluten, there are ways it can sneak back in to your diet and…

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How to Holiday, Enjoy It, and Not Blow Your Diet?

how to holiday enjoy it and not blow your diet

Have you been working hard all year to lose body fat or get into shape? There are few things as frustrating as returning from a relaxing holiday and finding you’ve acquired a few extra kilos along the way. Suddenly, those new jeans you bought during the post-Christmas sales don’t fit any more and stress levels…

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Are You Taking a Fibre Supplement? Three Things You Need to Know

are you taking a fibre supplement three things you need to know

In Australia, like most other developed nations, the incidence of irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis, are soaring. It is currently estimated that 12% of visits to primary care practitioners and 28% of visits to gastroenterologists are due to irritable bowel syndrome. Many people affected by bowel or gastrointestinal problems,…

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An Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Primer

an irritable bowel syndrome ibs primer

Have you heard people talk about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and thought to yourself, what is IBS? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with IBS by a medical professional, or self diagnosed, and wanted to know how it will affect you? We regularly ask our clients their main reason for seeking help from a Naturopath. Digestive health…

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How to Support Healthy Elimination

how to support healthy elimination

We often talk about the importance of detoxification and the effective elimination of toxins from the body for overall health. In this article we take a look at the channels our body uses to remove toxins, and a few simple strategies that you can apply to help improve your detoxification ability. What are the Channels…

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Intermittent Fasting – Fad or Fact?

intermittent fasting fad or fact

We were recently asked about whether a client could benefit from a short fast as part of their program. It was a good question, and clarification of the role of intermittent fasting in overall health maintenance is important. We often talk about how important eating regular meals is for our overall health, but, when properly…

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Dietary Strategies for Blood Sugar Control

naturopath brisbane - portion contorl in the perfect meal

Are you caught on the blood sugar roller coaster and want to get off? Are pharmaceutical medications no longer helping in keeping your blood sugar levels under control? Much of the problem with metabolic syndrome comes from the way our body stores, processes and utilises the glucose released from the carbohydrates we consumed in our…

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Combatting Candida Albicans

If you’ve ever had thrush, candidiasis or yeast infections, then you know we’re not making this up! Regardless of the name, symptoms of a Candida Albican overgrowth can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and more than a little annoying. What are Candida Albicans? We talk about our good bacteria frequently, so it’s about time we spoke about…

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