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three reasons you need a healthy living action plan

Three Reasons You Need a Healthy Living Action Plan

By Marianne Fernance | Feb 2, 2015

Do you have a healthy living action plan? We often take our health for granted. We make plans for next week, next month, next year, always assuming that we are going to be healthy to enjoy the plans that we’ve made. We are more likely to have an action plan to ensure that we have…

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have you considered a naturopath

Have you considered a Naturopath? An Infographic.

By Marianne Fernance | Sep 22, 2014

Have you ever wondered why people see a Naturopath and what a Naturopath really does? This infographic can help.

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are you negative nancy or positive pete how your mind attitudes beliefs are shaping your health

Are You Negative Nancy or Positive Pete? How Your Mind, Attitudes & Beliefs Are Shaping Your Health

By Marianne Fernance | Sep 1, 2014

If you asked your best friend or wife to describe you, do you think they’d call you a Negative Nancy or a Positive Pete? No you can’t ask your mum, she’s too biased! It may sound flippant, but this is a really important question for your health. So I’ll just wait here while you ask…

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does this look like you 5 signs of common nutrient deficiencies and how to fix them

Does this Look Like You? 5 Signs of Common Nutrient Deficiencies and How to Fix Them

By Marianne Fernance | Jul 2, 2014

When you look in the mirror in the morning can you read the important warning signs your body is giving you about nutrient deficiencies? Can you look at your hands to identify whether you may be at risk of cardiovascular disease or liver problems? If often seems that as we’ve come to rely on blood…

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food allergy vs sensitivity

Food Allergy vs Food Sensitivity? What’s the Difference? Does it Even Matter?

By Marianne Fernance | Jun 10, 2014

Did you know that true food allergies and food intolerances, or sensitivities, are actually different conditions? As gluten free diets have gone main stream the concept of what constitutes a food allergy vs a food sensitivity has become blurred. Now don’t get me wrong, as anyone who has been to our clinic will know, I…

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what you need to know about bugs probiotics

What You Need to Know About Bugs & Probiotics!

By Marianne Fernance | Mar 17, 2014

Would you be surprised if I told you that nearly 90% of your body’s cells have been classified as nonhuman cells?[1]TurLeyHam0710 One could almost say that, in a sense we are really a life support system for bugs. Not only are the nonhuman cells in your body numerically significant, they are also physically and mentally…

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five signs you have a gluten problem

Five Signs You Have a Gluten Problem

By Marianne Fernance | Feb 19, 2014

For far too long it has been assumed that only people with Celiac’s need to avoid gluten. The connection of gluten and Celiac’s disease put gluten squarely in the realm of the gastroenterologist and gut – to propose that gluten could cause other non-gut related problems has been considered taboo until recently. But is it…

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four sneaky ways gluten is getting into your diet

Four Sneaky Ways Gluten Is Getting Into Your Diet

By Marianne Fernance | Jan 14, 2014

We regularly treat clients with digestive problems including: IBS, IBD, & ulcerative colitis. A major part of treatment is following a strict gluten free diet, to repair damage to the gut and restore intestinal integrity. Even when doing your best to avoid gluten, there are ways it can sneak back in to your diet and…

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three fermented foods everyone should know about

Three Fermented Foods Everyone Should Know About

By Marianne Fernance | Sep 10, 2013

When we say fermentation many people immediately think of beer, wine, or spirits. But, have you heard of fermented foods? You’re probably familiar with cheese, yoghurt, and even cultured butter. These are great examples of fermented foods, that most people would use on a daily basis – in this case, they are all dairy products,…

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